ccdproc.flat_correct(ccd, flat, min_value=None, norm_value=None)[source]

Correct the image for flat fielding.

The flat field image is normalized by its mean or a user-supplied value before flat correcting.


Data to be transformed.


Flatfield to apply to the data.

min_valuefloat or None, optional

Minimum value for flat field. The value can either be None and no minimum value is applied to the flat or specified by a float which will replace all values in the flat by the min_value. Default is None.

norm_valuefloat or None, optional

If not None, normalize flat field by this argument rather than the mean of the image. This allows fixing several different flat fields to have the same scale. If this value is negative or 0, a ValueError is raised. Default is None.

add_keywordstr, Keyword or dict-like, optional

Item(s) to add to metadata of result. Set to False or None to completely disable logging. Default is to add a dictionary with a single item: The key is the name of this function and the value is a string containing the arguments the function was called with, except the value of this argument.


CCDData object with flat corrected.