API Reference

ccdproc Package

The ccdproc package is a collection of code that will be helpful in basic CCD processing. These steps will allow reduction of basic CCD data as either a stand-alone processing or as part of a pipeline.


background_deviation_box(data, bbox)

Determine the background deviation with a box size of bbox.

background_deviation_filter(data, bbox)

Determine the background deviation for each pixel from a box with size of bbox.

bitfield_to_boolean_mask(bitfield[, …])

Convert an integer bit field to a boolean mask.

block_average(ccd, block_size)

Like block_reduce but with predefined func=np.mean.

block_reduce(ccd, block_size[, func])

Thin wrapper around astropy.nddata.block_reduce.

block_replicate(ccd, block_size[, conserve_sum])

Thin wrapper around astropy.nddata.block_replicate.

ccd_process(ccd[, oscan, trim, error, …])

Perform basic processing on ccd data.

ccdmask(ratio[, findbadcolumns, byblocks, …])

Uses method based on the IRAF ccdmask task to generate a mask based on the given input.

combine(img_list[, output_file, method, …])

Convenience function for combining multiple images.

cosmicray_lacosmic(ccd[, sigclip, sigfrac, …])

Identify cosmic rays through the L.A.

cosmicray_median(ccd[, error_image, thresh, …])

Identify cosmic rays through median technique.

create_deviation(ccd_data[, gain, …])

Create a uncertainty frame.

flat_correct(ccd, flat[, min_value, norm_value])

Correct the image for flat fielding.

gain_correct(ccd, gain[, gain_unit])

Correct the gain in the image.

median_filter(data, *args, **kwargs)

See scipy.ndimage.median_filter for arguments.

rebin(ccd, newshape)

Deprecated since version 1.1.

sigma_func(arr[, axis])

Robust method for calculating the deviation of an array.

subtract_bias(ccd, master)

Subtract master bias from image.

subtract_dark(ccd, master[, dark_exposure, …])

Subtract dark current from an image.

subtract_overscan(ccd[, overscan, …])

Subtract the overscan region from an image.

test([package, test_path, args, plugins, …])

Run the tests using py.test.

transform_image(ccd, transform_func, **kwargs)

Transform the image.

trim_image(ccd[, fits_section])

Trim the image to the dimensions indicated.

wcs_project(ccd, target_wcs[, target_shape, …])

Given a CCDData image with WCS, project it onto a target WCS and return the reprojected data as a new CCDData image.


Combiner(ccd_iter[, dtype])

A class for combining CCDData objects.


Configuration parameters for ccdproc.

ImageFileCollection([location, keywords, …])

Representation of a collection of image files.

Keyword(name[, unit, value])

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of ccdproc.combiner.Combiner, ccdproc.Conf, ccdproc.image_collection.ImageFileCollection, ccdproc.core.Keyword

ccdproc.utils.slices Module

Define utility functions and classes for ccdproc


slice_from_string(string[, fits_convention])

Convert a string to a tuple of slices.