ccdproc.wcs_project(ccd, target_wcs, target_shape=None, order='bilinear')[source]

Given a CCDData image with WCS, project it onto a target WCS and return the reprojected data as a new CCDData image.

Any flags, weight, or uncertainty are ignored in doing the reprojection.


Data to be projected.

target_wcsWCS object

WCS onto which all images should be projected.

target_shapetwo element list-like or None, optional

Shape of the output image. If omitted, defaults to the shape of the input image. Default is None.

orderstr, optional

Interpolation order for re-projection. Must be one of:

  • ‘nearest-neighbor’

  • ‘bilinear’

  • ‘biquadratic’

  • ‘bicubic’

Default is 'bilinear'.

add_keywordstr, Keyword or dict-like, optional

Item(s) to add to metadata of result. Set to False or None to completely disable logging. Default is to add a dictionary with a single item: The key is the name of this function and the value is a string containing the arguments the function was called with, except the value of this argument.


A transformed CCDData object.