Citing ccdprocΒΆ

If you use ccdproc for a project that leads to a publication, whether directly or as a dependency of another package, please include the following acknowledgment:

This research made use of ccdproc, an Astropy package for
image reduction (Craig et al. 20XX).

where (Craig et al. 20XX) is a citation to the Zenodo record of the ccdproc version that was used. We also encourage citations in the main text wherever appropriate.

For example, for ccdprpoc v1.3.0.post1 one would cite Craig et al. 2017 with the BibTeX entry (

    author       = {Matt Craig and Steve Crawford and Michael Seifert and
                    Thomas Robitaille and Brigitta Sip{\H o}cz and
                    Josh Walawender and Z\`e Vin{\'{\i}}cius and Joe Philip Ninan and Michael Droettboom and Jiyong Youn and
                    Erik Tollerud and Erik Bray and
                    Nathan Walker and VSN Reddy Janga and
                    Connor Stotts and Hans Moritz G{\"u}nther and Evert Rol and
                    Yoonsoo P. Bach and Larry Bradley and Christoph Deil and
                    Adrian Price-Whelan and Kyle Barbary and Anthony Horton and
                    William Schoenell and Nathan Heidt and Forrest Gasdia and
                    Stefan Nelson and Ole Streicher},
    title        = {astropy/ccdproc: v1.3.0.post1},
    month        = dec,
    year         = 2017,
    doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.1069648},
    url          = {}

All ccdproc versions (and more citation formats) can be found at