Authors and Credits

ccdproc Project Contributors

Project Coordinators

  • Matt Craig (@mwcraig)
  • Steve Crawford (@crawfordsm)
  • Michael Seifert (@MSeifert04)

Alphabetical list of contributors

  • Kyle Barbary (@kbarbary)
  • Javier Blasco (@javierblasco)
  • Christoph Deil (@cdeil)
  • Carlos Gomez (@carlgogo)
  • Hans Moritz Günther (@hamogu)
  • Forrest Gasdia (@EP-Guy)
  • Nathan Heidt (@heidtha)
  • Elias Holte (@Sondanaa)
  • Anthony Horton (@AnthonyHorton)
  • Jennifer Karr (@JenniferKarr)
  • James McCormac (@jmccormac01)
  • Stefan Nelson (@stefannelson)
  • Joe Philip Ninan (@indiajoe)
  • Punyaslok Pattnaik (@Punyaslok)
  • Adrian Price-Whelan (@adrn)
  • Evert Rol (@evertrol)
  • William Schoenell (@wschoenell)
  • Sourav Singh (@souravsingh)
  • Brigitta Sipocz (@bsipocz)
  • Connor Stotts (@stottsco)
  • Ole Streicher (@olebole)
  • Erik Tollerud (@eteq)
  • Zè Vinícius (@mirca)
  • Josh Walawender (@joshwalawender)
  • Nathan Walker (@walkerna22)

(If you have contributed to the ccdproc project and your name is missing, please send an email to the coordinators, or open a pull request for this page in the ccdproc repository)